In The Night Garden Actually Complete Arse Admits Toddler

We spoke to a toddler from Reading named Joshua about popular TV series In The Night Garden to get his views on just why it is so loved by miniature people. His answers may surprise you:


So Joshua, when did you first watch In The Night Garden?

It was a long time ago. I think I was one. I’m two now. It just came on the TV upstairs one day and I thought it seemed OK.


What did you think about it?

The plot was quite easy to follow and the words were easy to learn. I liked Upsy Daisy’s hair too. It lacked the humour and social commentary of Peppa Pig or Ben & Holly, but it was OK to pass the time. I also thought it was fun because it made my dad cross when I watched it. He said it was beneath me and that I needed to take a long hard look at myself.


How often do you watch it?

It comes on every day just before I go to bed. I watch a few minutes and then stroll off leaving mum and dad to watch it whilst I climb and fall off things like an unemployed miniature stuntman.


Do you still enjoy it?

I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of character development to be honest. Each character still just repeatedly says their own name. My dad still hates it so I still pretend to enjoy it so he has to watch it every day. If I’m being honest though, it’s a bit pony, even for CBeebies. If it doesn’t have talking animals in it I lose interest pretty quickly.


Will you continue to watch it?

To be fair I’ve only been watching it to annoy my dad and for the look of disappointment on his face each day. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to feign interest. If I have to sit through another twenty minutes of the bloody Tombliboos I might actually scream. Even more than usual.


Is it your favourite TV programme?

As if!! I like Peppa Pig because of the muddy puddles, Ben & Holly because Nanny Plum is funny and Paw Patrol because I like dogs.


So there you have it. Toddlers pretend to enjoy In The Night Garden Just to piss off their parents.


Next week: Dora – Lovable multilingual heroine or Satanic cow-eyed devil woman? A toddler’s view.



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18 comments on In The Night Garden Actually Complete Arse Admits Toddler

  1. My husband and I had a very odd phase of being utterly transfixed by ITNG. I liked the Wittingers, he liked the Tombliboos. We both got confused by the massive geometric shapes. Then we had children and thought we’d better stop watching crap and get on with parenting. Boom boom…. thanks for linking to #chucklemums!

  2. Lol, ITNG was a big hit in our house for a long time and the girls love the live show too. We don’t often have it on at bedtime anymore though. The bit about watching it and then wandering off to climb and fall off things like an unemployed miniature stuntman made me chuckle – we used to get a lot of that too! And yes, definitely agree with the lack of character development! 🙂 #bloggerclubuk

    1. I didn’t mind it too much until last week when there was an episode consisting solely of poorly played musical instruments. Felt like my head was exploding!

  3. This is brilliant! I always knew these little monkeys were tormenting us! Never thought I’d use the word ‘ninky-nonk’ in an actual conversation ???

  4. OoooooooEmmmmmGeeeee. This is hilarious! I find my little pony and anything with Barbie to be the death of me. I also love the Odd Squad, especially lead character Ms. O. Of course, since expressing my love of this show, the kinder (kids) no longer watch it! Argh. #FridayFrolics #chucklemums

  5. I think I like the Night Garden more than my son does, to be honest. We’ve been watching it since he was tiny as someone told me it had some strange hypnotic effect on children and made them sleep. Still hasn’t worked though. #FridayFrolics

  6. Haha – this may well be the most plausible explanation yet for why they watch this weirdness! It’s this or, like the rest of us, they want to know if Iggle Piggle is dying at sea & this is his dying hallucination!

    Thanks so much for joining #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time

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